About Us

“If you want to go fast, you go alone; if you want to go far, you go together” ~ African Proverb

Genesis Educational Center (GEC) was formed in 2016 to advance the educational interests of underprivileged and economically disadvantaged children in southwestern Kenya through a collective action of purpose. The organization is dedicated to furthering these children’s holistic development through service, stewardship, and shared responsibility. 


  1. Equip, empower, and educate young children from economically disadvantaged families with education to expand their opportunities.
  2. Serve as a bridge to build stronger communities and neighborhoods in areas we serve.
  3. Empower at-risk children to overcome negative influences and create positive change within themselves and their communities.
  4. Prepare young people by instilling in them knowledge, both educational and recreational, that will create a lasting change in their lives and the communities we serve.
  5. Provide an engaging environment for economically disadvantaged children to spark their intellectual and creative curiosity and develop their full academic, physical, social, and spiritual potential as individuals.
  6. Create a stigma-free space for special needs students and other disadvantaged youth enabling them to compete in a challenging world.
  7. Enable our students to renew, restore, or regain self-esteem to interrupt the cycle of poverty and violence.
  8. Address the lack of resources related to math, science, and technology to reduce the achievement gap.

Our Team

Alisa Oeri - Executive Officer

Phillip Matara - Program Manager

Paul Ogega - Director, Operations and IT

Jutson Oeri - Director, Finance and Outreach

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Core Values

Genesis Education Center Core Values

Code of Ethics

Genesis Education Center Code of Ethics