Current/upcoming events

Chocolate for a Cause

We are selling World's Finest Chocolate bars for $1 each. They make a great treat for any time or occasion and come in a variety of flavors. They are all peanut free and gluten free.  Be sure to grab yourself a few by calling 612-396-5260 to place your order. All proceeds go towards building the P3 center. 

Past Events

The GENESIS Knowledge Beyond Academics Funds Drive

April/May 2018

Genesis Education center held its 2018 inaugural KNOWLEDGE BEYOND ACADEMICS FUNDS DRIVE during April and May of this year.  Your contributions helped us raise a little over $1200, as well as collect some books and resources for our teachers. There's still a ways to go for us to begin building the P-3 center (Pre-K through third grade), so keep those donations coming. We are always accepting cash donations of any amount as well as in-kind donations of goods (books, stationery, pencils, and new/used computers) or volunteer service. 

Your support is greatly appreciated. These are gifts that will last a lifetime!

Donations Tracker

Thank you to all of our 

generous contributors. 

This would not be possible 

without all of your support.

Lemonade Stand

We were humbled by the support and generosity we received from our community and  friends during our Lemonade Stand Fundraiser. This was a great success thanks to everyone that stopped by. Please keep spreading the word about our mission and sharing our information!